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Be Still

Have you ever tried to dress a two year old?

Perhaps I should rephrase that. Have you ever tried to wrestle a two year old, pin them down, and fit their thrashing body parts through several tiny holes and sleeves that somehow turn into Chinese finger traps as soon as an arm or leg enters them? Curse any clothing designer who would dare to put REAL buttons on a toddler's outfit. Dressing a resistant and struggling little kid is not for the faint of heart, and when you have more than one to dress, God bless you. :)

Two year old stink eye compliments of our daughter Charlotte. :)
I'm pretty sure this test of parental patience is exactly how God views his kids every time we find ourselves in the middle of a life crisis. I plan to dig a little deeper in a future post into how to handle major trials when they come, but for today we are focusing on step number one, which is where the inspiration for the title of this blog comes from!

What do we say to our own kids when they are rolli…

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